CIPSET – A Centre for Research and Social Action

In order to advance and implement Nelson Mandela University’s mission, CIPSET will:

  • Promote an intellectual project that focuses on democracy, citizenship and social justice as central to PSET in South Africa;
  • Define, develop and implement a research agenda that supports PSET in South Africa;
  • Establish programmes and projects that support PSET in South Africa;
  • Collaborate with educational groups, institutions and agencies in order to develop and strengthen PSET;
  • Build research capacity that advances the PSET system in South Africa;
  • Build synergies between research, teaching and community engagement; and
  • Produce academic and scholarly work in PSET.


Areas of work

  • Deepening university civic agency and engagement;
  • Programme development to support FET Educators and Adult and Community Educators;
  • Detailed socio-economic mapping;
  • Curriculum development, innovation and articulation;
  • Building research capacity in the PSET sector; and
  • Implementing and researching community education programmes


For more information, please see Founding Document on home page.